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tops for this winter

Andrea T Sadler

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

With the arrival of winter, we have all wanted to take refuge in a blankie sweater. Why not? Yet in fashion, style and choice, shirts, blouses and t-shirts long sleeves to defend well and adapt to all occasions.
On the other hand, to parade at the office or for buller weekend here is the mode canada goose down jacket requirements to stay on top of fashion this season for small high.
The winners of the winter of 2015-2016:
-the shirt lavalier collar: this season, it supplants col Claudine! Nothing like a great many knot tied around the neck to give himself a seventies way Romy Schneider look in films by Claude Sautet.
-the blouse and the smooth top, wearing cool folk how cover it with a poncho, a 'toupee' jacket or a vest.
-the United shirt worn preferably in a cup without the frills with the collar buttoned up to the top.
Note also, side t-shirt, the comeback of the turtleneck.
The safe values:
-the shirt Plaid: this winter the tiles are grunge and rock for a very canada goose down jacket sale nineties or tartan and dandy for a silhouette look more preppy. You choose your camp.
-the blouse lace: his romantic side always makes CANADA GOOSE CITADEL PARKA Military Green with fur hood his little effect: the selected white to go to the office, and reserves the black version, in the evening, to play his side sexy and glamorous.
-prints: with flowers, peas and scratches, no worries, these timeless CANADA GOOSE CITADEL PARKA Military Green MENS reasons are always at the top. The leopard print? One can still, provided wear retro way and Mad Men with high heels and pencil skirt.
-the black and white: his side graphics boosts the potential mode of the lesser John. With stripes and flowers, the form still works.
We forget:
-totally transparent blouses: it does not tolerate that for the holidays!
-shirts washed denim: it may be authorize summertime vacationing, but the rest of the year, we put everything on a flat fabric denim shirt, a timeless that can CANADA GOOSE CITADEL PARKA review even bring to the office.
In all cases, a single imperative: fit shirt under her skirt or in his pants to make potted: so seventies, so trendy!
Find now our 25 tops favorites of this winter, and do not forget to take a look also at our selection of skirts for a good mix and match!